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Welcome to the IMMLY website. IMMLY is a not-for-profit patient and care provider-based group led by Jacki Rickert and Gary Storck that has long been dedicated to furthering access, public education and research regarding the therapeutic uses of cannabis. This site is about people like you, your family, your neighbors, friends, co-workers, the clerk at the store. We are all just everyday people, therefore by the grace of the great Creator go we all.

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IMMLY in the NEWS Updated Monday, August 22, 2016


07 Aug 2016: 24 years ago Jacki Rickert met Bill Clinton in Osseo

03 Aug 2016: Illinois governor signs pot decriminalization law

21 July 2016: Oregon out of state patient numbers continue tumble

15 July 2016: Channel3000: Poll shows shift in opinions about legalization of pot in Wisconsin

15 July 2016: New Marquette Poll finds 59% support legal pot

14 July 2016: Wisconsin State Journal: Poll: Strong majority of Wisconsinites want legal marijuana

14 July 2016: Chief changes mind, Tomah oks pot study 5-2

30 Mar 2016: Binding referendum planned to reduce Monona pot fines

28 Mar 2016: number of pot bills went nowhere in legislature

16 Mar 2016: uses procedural move to block last chance for CBD bill vote

14 Feb 2016: Valentine's Day 2008: Asking Bill Clinton, Where's Jacki's Medicine?

11 Sep 2015: Wisconsin State Journal: Legalizing marijuana could curb heroin use -- Gary Storck

01 Sep 2015: Cancer patient driving force behind Stevens Point pot fine reduction

21 Aug 2015: Menominee Tribe say yes to both medical and recreational cannabis legalization in advisory vote

13 July 2015: Timeline: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on marijuana

09 July 2015: Six states currently accept medical pot cards from other states

03 July 2015: Wisconsin ranks high in out of state patients holding Oregon medical pot cards

13 June 2015: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett quietly signs pot fine reduction ordinance

AB 228 CBD bill hearing Wed. June 3

21 May 2015: Bipartisan Wisconsin CBD bill would strike need for prescription

20 May 2015: Sargent cannabis legalization bill faces uncertain future in committee

17 Apr 2015: Dane County Board reduces pot fines to $1 plus costs, rejects other modifications

13 Apr 2015: Rep. Sargent announces cannabis legalization bill in Capitol press conference

10 Apr 2015:Melissa Sargent to reintroduce cannabis legalization bill Monday 

22 Jan 2015: GazetteXtra: Gary Storck: Pommer strikes out in column on policing

15 Jan 2015: New Richmond News: Gary Storck: Bring back cannabis hearings

13 Nov 2014: Gary Storck: What Scott Walker and marijuana have in common

08 Oct 2014: Cannabis Radio News: Gary Storck Interview: Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival turns 44 

07 Oct 2014: IMMLY: Founder Jacki Rickert receives Defender of Liberty Award

06 Oct 2014: RELEASE: IMMLY Founder Jacki Rickert Receives Defender Of Liberty Award

05 Oct 2014: Is My Medicine Legal YET? Founder and Wisconsin Medical Cannabis Act namesake Jacki Rickert receives NORML Award on Oct. 5, 2014 at the State Capitol in Madison for Harvest Fest 44

03 Oct 2014: Capital Times: Gary Storck: Billboard one step to persuade legislators on medical marijuana

01 Oct 2014: 44th Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival this weekend in Madison

29 Sep 2014: New Billboard Highlights Wisconsin State Senators' Obstruction of Medical Marijuana Legislation

22 Sep 2014: Madison NORML Examiner: Wisconsin Attorney General race and medical marijuana 

19 Sep 2014: Baraboo News Republic: Pot case raises medical marijuana issues 

17 Sep 2014: Devil's Advocate Radio Show: Gary Storck from Madison NORML & IMMLY discusses Baraboo incident, drs. notes and o/o state cards

14 Sep 2014: Hemp News: Wisconsin: Activist Released At Festival After Showing Oregon Medical Marijuana Card

25 Aug 2014: Capital Times: Gary Storck: Best help for ALS may be to legalize medical marijuana

28 Jul 2014: The deep roots of the fight for medical cannabis in Wisconsin

19 Jun 2014: Wisconsin State Journal Letter: Cannabidiol oil law is flawed -- Gary Storck

16 Jun 2014: As predicted WI Cannabidiol medical marijuana bill provisions made it symbolic

06 Jun 2014: Capital Times: Gary Storck: Medical marijuana legal in 22 states — but not Wisconsin

30 May 2014: Wisconsin congressional delegation supports medical marijuana amendment 5-3 

19 May 2014: Video: Up Close: Gary Storck - Stand Up for Cannabis

28 Apr 2014: Marshfield News Herald: Study links marijuana to increased heart attack risk

21 Apr 2014: Capital Times: Gary Storck: Marijuana law won't help our kids anytime soon

17 Apr 2014: Gov. Scott Walker signs CBD oil bill and double jeopardy pot bill

02 Apr 2014: Wisconsin passes CBD medical marijuana bill, Dane votes 2/1 for legalization

02 April 2014: RELEASE: Wisconsin Senate passes CBD medical marijuana bill, Dane voters say full legalization way to go 

19 Mar 2014: Wisconsin State Journal: Vote 'yes' on marijuana referendum April 1 -- Gary Storck

18 Mar 2014: Racine Journal Times: Letter: Gary Storck: Make medical marijuana legal

14 Mar 2014: Marshfield News Herald: Storck: Cannabidiol oil is just the beginning of medical marijuana uses (column)

14 Mar 2014: Gary Storck: Legalize Pot? Dane County to vote on advisory referendum April 1 

06 Mar 2014: Marijuana Extract Could Help Epileptic Children In Wisconsin, If It Can Pass

02 Mar 2014: Fox6 Milwaukee: Gov. Walker says “not right now” on legalizing marijuana in Wis.

10 Feb 2014: Madison NORML Examiner: Wisconsin Marijuana Legalization bill gets cosponsors, Wed. hearing on CBD bill 

05 Jan 2014: Madison NORML Examiner: New York to activate 34 year old medical MJ law: WI has similar law on books 

29 Dec 2013: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Letter: Gary Storck: Medical cannabis still languish

27 Dec 2013: Baraboo News Republic: GROWING SUPPORT: Medical marijuana bills remain stalled, despite unprecedented backing Petition: Petitioning Wisconsin Medical Society and Dr. Michael M. Miller M.D.: Apologize for Obstructing Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Legislation 

18 Nov 2013: The Capital Times: Jack Craver: Half of Wisconsin voters support marijuana legalization

11 Nov 2013: Wisconsin State Journal: At Issue: Medical marijuana

26 Oct 2013: Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act gets Senate bill number and committee

21 Oct 2013: Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act cosponsors announced

17 Oct 2013: GOP primary candidates for Suder Assembly seat split on medical cannabis

14 Oct 2013: New Wisconsin medicinal pot bill picking up cosponsors

11 Oct 2013: Capital Times: Letter to the Editor: Medical cannabis a gateway back from addiction

07 Oct 2013: Badger Herald: Lawmakers light up marijuana legalization bill for third time

October 4, 2013: IMMLY's Tenth Annual Medical Cannabis Benefi

03 Oct 2013: Erpenbach, Taylor bill would legalize medicinal marijuana in Wisconsin

03 Oct 2013: New Wisconsin medical cannabis bill introduced Thursday (Photos)

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013: Press Conference at State Capitol to announce new Jacki Rickert Medical Cannabis Act

01 Oct 2013: WI State Journal: Letter to the Editor: Legislature Steps Backward On Marijuana

15 Sept 2013: La Crosse Tribune: Gone to pot: Medical marijuana bill unlikely to pass in Wisconsin, despite growing public support

05 Sept 2013: Capital Times: Gary Storck: Legalize medical pot, help the state economy

28 Aug 2013: Punitive Wisconsin GOP pot bill ready to move forward, cosponsor resigns seat

07 Aug 2013: WI State Journal: Gary Storck: Medical marijuana laws should include home cultivation

02 Aug 2013: Wisconsin Radio Network: Legalized pot in neighboring Illinois

02 Aug 2013: Capital Times: In medical marijuana battle, Wisconsin likely won't go the way of Illinois anytime soon 

08 Jul 2013: Gary Storck: State lawmakers need to legalize medical cannabis

12 Jun 2013: Isthmus: Wisconsin lawmakers consider bill to boost local prosecution of marijuana possession cases

09 Jun 2013: Kenosha News: Medical marijuana debate heats up

08 Jun 2013: WI Senate Committee to hold hearing on bill targeting repeat pot offenders (Photos)

05 Jun 2013: Capital Times: Steve Elbow: GOP lawmakers don't want pot scofflaws to go unpunished

03 Jun 2013: Dane County Board to vote Thursday to urge Congress to legalize pot

27 May 2013: 4/20 Comes of Age in Madison

25 May 2013: Could 1982 Wisconsin medical pot law be implemented through amendment?

18 May 2013: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: PUB LTE: Marijuana has health benefits

13 May 2013: Wisconsin State Journal: At Issue: Marijuana possession

08 May 2013: Dane County Board may vote to urge Congress to legalize pot

07 May 2013: Capital Times: Gary Storck: 1982 saw high point in bipartisanship on medical marijuana

19 Apr 2013: The Capital Times: Gary Storck: Rep. Ron Kind should support medicinal pot 

10 Apr 2013: Pot Policy Panel and 420 Festival among April 20 events in Madison 

28 Mar 2013: 420 Festival 2013 headlines Madison 4/20 celebrations

Bonesy the Wonder Dog! "The Bones", the original cannabis canine, who walked 210 miles on the Wisconsin Journey for Justice, has been gone since February 2001).  Bones went to puppy heaven at age 16, 10 months after suffering a stroke while police were raiding Jacki's house in March 2000.  

IMMLY Poll: Wisconsinites Overwhelmingly Support Passage of Medical Marijuana Legislation

Legal Medicine Blues! Listen. view, read about this great song about medicinal cannabis by Rick Harris! New LMB video added 1/22/10!

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